Solar Reflective Glass

Solar reflective glass is produced by coating one or more layers of metal or compound thin film on float glass by way of vacuum magnetron sputtering. The major function of the coating is to control the reflection, transmission and absorption of direct solar radiation at desirable ratio, and to produce the needed reflective colors. Solar reflective glass has the following features:

Features: Effectively limits direct solar radiation transmission.

Versatile reflective colours and excellent decoration effect.

Ideal visible light transmission and reflection ratio

Lessen transmission of ultraviolet radiation.

Product Categories

Composite glass : Apart from monolithic glass products of different types and specifications, we can also provide products such as laminated coated glass, tempered coated glass, coated insulating glass etc.,

Bendable and post-temperable solar reflective glass: In addition to common solar reflective glass, we can also produce bendable and post- temperable solar reflective glass.

Colours: Silver grey, Grey, Blue grey, Blue, Lake blue, Grey green, Green, Blue green, Gold, Tawny and Champagne. Each colour may vary in lightness to satisfy the project requirement.


Standard glass dimension(mm): 2440x3660, 2400x3300, 2100x3300

Maximum dimension (mm): 3300 x 6000

Minimum dimension (mm): 300 x 800

Thickness (mm): 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 19

Other thicknesses and sizes may be available upon request

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