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Through the support of our partner - with over 4000 employees working in 25 subsidiaries and worldwide braches, we are able to provide the highest quality glass products for turnkey architectural and designing applications.

Our partner is a recognised leader in glass products to a worldwide market and we are able to deliver quality, budget & performance solutions to all your project requirements.

With 9 production bases and certified by AOQC in Britain and QAS in Australia; incorporating quality management systems that meet or exceed the exacting international standards, you can include production facilities that encompass Architectural glass, ITO, Colour filter glass, Photovoltaic products and Structural Ceramics.

We are able to manufacture and supply all categories of architectural glass products including clear float glass, tinted float glass, Low-E glass, solar reflective glass, insulating glass, laminated glass, enamelled glass, tempered glass, curved tempered glass, fire-proof glass, as well as composite glass products.

Our partner’s comprehensive processing capabilities in architectural glass have been utilised on some of the worlds most Iconic and sophisticated projects – from Australia to China to USA to UK and Europe, its product is a byword for quality and technical service.

"Here are just some of the projects that are cladded in CSG glass:

Dubai Princess Tower; Dubai Rulex Tower; American Wynn; Las Vegas World Market Center; Japan Hokkaido Airport; Tokyo Midtown; Australia Queen Plaza; Australia Herald Weekly Times; The Thailand Airport; Singapore Ochard Turn; Hongkong Seasons Hotel; How Ming Street; Grand Lisboa, Macau; Wynn Macau; MGM Grand, Macau. Beijing Capital Airport; China Ministry of Foreign Affairs Building; CCTV Beijing; West Tower in Guangzhou; Guangzhou New Baiyun Airport; Shenzhen Word Trade Center; Shenzhen Convection and Exhibition Center; Shenzhen Phinex Tower

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