With 30 years of experience in the glazing industry on a worldwide scale, Asymetric offers a new dimension to the supplier customer relationship.

With a world of product possibilities, we can offer you design solutions, SAP calculations and technical advice.

Our dedicated customer service is committed and focused to anticipate your needs.

" Our motto, “The best vision is Insight” takes into account the Gaia principle – the Earth is in some way alive. "

Being Green

We are also proud that our partner takes the environment we live in very seriously. From mining its own sand to innovative glass and Photovoltaic products, and housing for its employees using renewable energy, a true leader that applies its philosophy and business policies like no other glass company.

* Ensure that manufactured products are handled, removed and disposed of via our health and safety policy and application of our environmental policy.

* Ensure Compliance with all relevant government standards. Ensure the process from manufacture to management of waste is adhered to

* Ensure our footprint is for the safety of our environment, to adhere to our GAIA principle.

* Ensure our wastes our minimised through the use of more sustainable energy sources.

* Ensure our health and safety & environmental policies are applied to all aspects of our work

* Environment, to continually refresh and update, to reduce and remove risk.

* Ensure environmental compliance and accident prevention by provide continuous training for our employees and awareness education programmes for the public.

Our worldwide policy is to conduct operations in full compliance with all relevant environmental laws and regulations and to carry out policies that protect the health and safety of our employees, clients and to ensure that our environmental objectives are never compromised by economic goals.

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