Heat Strengthened Glass

Heat-Strengthened Glass is produced similarly to tempered (toughened) glass. Heat-Strengthened Glass is approximately 1.6-2 times as strong as annealed glass with significantly greater resistance to thermal stress when compared to annealed glass of equal thickness.

Heat-Strengthened Glass is NOT considered a Safety Glass product as defined by the above mentioned glass standards, and typically breaks into larger pieces than tempered glass.


NOT a safety glass product

Approximately twice as strong as annealed glass of equal thickness

Higher thermal stress resistance than annealed glass

Typically will break into larger pieces than tempered glass

Less optical distortion than tempered glass


Vision and Spandrel areas where added mechanical and thermal strength is required

Laminated Skylights and Solariums

High wind-load areas


Maximum dimension: 2440 x 6000

Minimum dimension: 200 x 300

Thickness (mm): 4-22mm

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