Enamelled (Ceramic) Coated Glass

Enamelled glass (Ceramic-coated glass) is tempered or heat-strengthened glass. One face of which is covered, either partially or totally, with inorganic glazes. Besides its decorative function, enamelled glass can also be used as solar shading or spandrel - which is widely used in architectural applications, and kitchen splash backs etc.


Various colours and patterns (may be customized), outstanding colour and quality for decorative effect.

Can absorbing and reflect solar energy providing significant solar shading effect.

Strengthened by tempering for high safety performance.

Suitable to be combined to form laminated, insulating glass units etc.


Thickness (mm): 4 -19

Maximum dimension (mm): roller printing 2000x4500

Screen printing 2200 x 4500

Minimum dimension (mm): 300 x 300

All enamelled glass products are tempered or heat strengthened, therefore they cannot be further cut or abraded in any way.

The decoration pattern is single sided when used on architectural walls or windows, and it is recommended to keep the enamelled side inward.

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